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Децембар 2018
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Fellowship Programme for Government Officials from the Western Balkans 2017/2018

Одштампај документ Информације о обукама 29 Новембар 2017

The European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) announces the new call for applications for its flagship Fellowship programme for Government Officials. It is a practice-oriented educational programme which is supporting the Western Balkans' administrations by educating and motivating the public officials to practice and advocate the European principles of public administration.

EFB is looking for the 20 best applicants for the 10th generation of decision-makers of tomorrow who want to shape the regional and European collaboration using their energy and enthusiasm.

It is targeting the government officials from the Western Balkans who are eager to spend a three-month fellowship traineeship in the EU government institutions in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

The core purpose of the programme is to give impetus to the EU integration-driven reforms of the Western Balkans' administrations, through building the capacities of individuals who are acting as the agents of change. The programme targets ambitious government officials with a strong commitment to contributing to the development of their societies who are lifelong learners, acquiring skills and broadening their horizons throughout their careers.

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